Dia De Los Muertos and You


dear people of tumblr, i just want to let you know that this is not okay:


it really irks me when i see people who are outside of my culture/race/heritage/etc use day of the dead makeup and such as halloween costumes. i don’t attempt to speak for everyone, but i know i’m not alone in this.

dia del los muertos is not yours to borrow when it becomes convenient.

what it is: two day long celebration (november first and second) of life and death. it’s not a “trendy” or “creepy” holiday, it’s a serious time of the year in which we come together with our families and respect our dead. we visit graves, we make alters, we make offerings, we make delicious bread and sugar skulls, we respect our loved ones through our actions of affection.

what it is not: halloween.

when you paint your face in this way it is offensive.

there are many reasons why face paint is used during dia de los muertos, and making a fashion statement is absolutely not one of them. it is believed that people paint their faces in lieu of carrying their loved one’s skull to honor (and sometimes even to summon) them. there are also traditions of becoming a live skeleton as a means to mourn the dead while recognizing that you too shall die. 

when you paint your face like a sugar skull to look cute and cultured, you are mocking my mexican traditions.

going through the dia de los muertos tag i see so many folks painted up like it’s the hip thing to do, and it’s not, not at all. i get that you are inspired~ by it, but you are actually doing a disservice to an entire group of people when you make yourself up like that.

so anyway, i just wanted to let you guys know.

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Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends 8BIT

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Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends by Fall Out Boy in 8bit!

(Sounds like an old retro video game)


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the question is why is being trans so inherently wrong that it has to be reaffirmed being trans is *not* a choice

spreading the idea that it isn’t a choice and that every trans person is “born” trans is invalidating to those who did choose to explore gender on their own or who simply didn’t even know that there were other options besides being cis until they found out more about it.

not everything is black and white. no, not everyone is “born this way”. many trans + non binary people took time to grow and find an identity outside of being cis and still are learning more!

you can choose to be trans. you can be born trans.

there isn’t any law forbidding people from doing either and frankly laying on this idea of trans not being a choice boils down to saying there is something inherently wrong with being trans and no one would choose to be trans because it’s a bad choice to make.

this is saying trans people are only worth respect + validity if they were somehow forced into being trans starting at birth. (and how does anyone expect a newborn to come into the world fully equipped with their gender identity especially in a cis-centric world that teaches children there are only two genders?)

it allows cis people the comfort of sympathizing with trans lives. trans people are not murdered because of choice or lack of choice. trans people are murdered because trans is still thought of as evil and immoral. the possibility of it being a choice rather than an infliction threatens cis allies who are on board when being trans is something to suffer and lacks choice - but choose to be trans? “this is why trans people are murdered.” wrong.

trans people are murdered because cis people hate trans people. recognizing that the only inherent suffering in being trans is the oppression caused by cis people places the responsibility of suffering where it should be: the oppressor.

there isn’t a specific formula for being trans + all trans identities are valid. there aren’t any restrictions on gender and continuing to say there are is doing nothing but silencing trans voices.
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You can watch her inspirational TED Talks speech here: [x]

But I warn you, there are a lot of transmisogynistic comments made by viewers.

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look at this fragile delicate flower of a man look at how precarious his value and identity is wonder at the marvel that is masculinity

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i feel like im watching dragon ball Z and goku is about to show up and fight final form neil degrassi tyson

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How to Plant a Beautiful Garden 

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